Khandeswar Shikshaangan: We are happy to announce that we have added one more Shikshaangan in the moth of August 2022 and this one is located at Khandeswar. A Shikshaangan is a free coaching centre for the underprivileged students. It is in a Basti comprising 30 hutments. Around 25 children from the Basti will be given coaching through the Shikshaangan. The location is about a kilometre from Khandeswar railway station. This Shikshaangan is being run in coordination with Stree Mukti Sanghatana.

This Shikshaangan is run in memory of Mrs. Manju Kaushik, the wife of Mrs. Anil Kaushik. This Shikshaangan will be financially supported by the family of Mr. Anil Kaushik. Our deepest thanks to the family for keeping the memory of Mrs. Manju Kaushik alive through such a noble endeavour which will benefit a large number of underprivileged children staying in huts which don’t have power and water.

Inauguration of Shikshaangan: We inaugurated our Khandeswar Shikshaangan on the 16th of August 2022.

The inauguration of the Shikshaangan was carried out by Anil Kaushik and the local Corporator, Mr. Manoj Bhujbal. Mrs. Vrushali Magdum from Stree Mukti along with their representatives were present. Radhakrishnan & Mrs. Lalitha from the Trust were present. Mr. Sharma, the C0-brother of Anil Kaushik also graced the occasion.

Before and During Shed Construction Work