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Sportswear for NMMC Schools Students ( Nov. 2022 ) : The Principals of three NMMC Schools have approached the Trust to help them provide their students participating in different tournaments with Sportswear. We will doing the needful shortly.

A workshop was held at CBD Shikshaangan to teach the children the art of making Ganapati Murtis. The workshop was conducted with the help of the Rotary Club of New Bombay Seaside and the children were guided by Mrs. Shammi Dhillon & ably assisted by Mrs. Kiran to make the Murtis. The children greatly enjoyed the workshop and made wonderful Ganapati Murtis with the clay provided to them.

Venue : Nerul Gymkhana Amphitheatre; Date : 19th Jan 2019. 

We conducted three sessions in all. 

a)  Motivational Talk session: The motivational talk by Mr. Sriram Athri lasted more than one hr….a wonderful speaker and an orator. His talk was very well applauded by the over 300 students and parents who had gathered.

b) A session to encourage the students to bring forth their talents. The songs, dances, keyboard, guitar and jutebox presentations by the students had everyone in the audience completely mesmerized.

c) The third session, to spread the message of TB menace was presented by Dr. Jayalakshmi from Apollo Hospital. It was a wonderful presentation by Dr. Jayalakshmi.

The entire programme was compered by Bhuvi Seth, Amalu and Mahika. A wonderful Saturdayevening ….enjoyed by all who attended.

 Jan 2019: The students of NMMC Madhyamik Vidyalaya used to play tournaments in their school uniforms. Upon request our Trust provided all the 30 students with shirts & shorts.

2) Talks on – (1) Drug Menace and (2) Gender Equality; Date : 11/02/17 ; Location : Mahanagar Palika Sanchalit Secondary School, Shirvane, Nerul.

Organized the above talks for the students and staff. A total of 184 students of standard 9th and 10th along with some teachers and the Principal attended and participated in the session. Dr. Ajit Magdum, the Chairman of Anvay Pratisthan, an NGO, gave an informative one hour talk on the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and on how not to fall victim to drugs. Giving examples from real life situations and movies Dr. Ajit stressed home the point of not falling victims to the unscrupulous drug mafia. The session was followed by an interactive question and answer session. Some of the students answering questions posed were rewarded with chocolates. All the students took a Pledge to not fall victims to Drugs and help in promoting awareness amongst their friends about Drug Menace.

The above session was followed by a talk on Gender Equality by Mrs. Vrushali Magdum, Chief Coordinator of Stree Mukti Sangathana, Navi Mumbai. Mrs. Vrushali, through an interactive session stressed the need to respect girls as equals and not as beings less equal who had to do all household chores and other similar work without the boys contributing in anyway. Many students, especially girls, came forward and expressed their opinion frankly and with great conviction. All the students promised to consider every person of the other gender as equals and treat them with respect.

The session was really wonderful and it was gladdening to note the amount of household work the children put in to support their parents. They carry an extremely cheerful outlook and also put in hard work in their academic studies.

Lalitha and Radhakrishnan were present and coordinated the event.

3) Two Day Residential Workshop for Adolescent Girls from the Underprivileged Section of the Society by Shreeram Radhakrishnan Memorial Trust in Coordination with Stree Mukti Sanghatana ( link to our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Helping-the-Needy-1649760861970084/?ref=bookmarks )

Shreeram Radhakrishnan Memorial Trust was set up around two and half years ago. In this short span the Trust has supported the education of more than a hundred underprivileged students, started a Balwadi in Thane, Carries out TB Awareness Campaign, etc.

As a part of our efforts to educate the underprivileged section of the society Shreeram Radhakrishnan Memorial Trust , Nerul ,in coordination with Street Mukti Sanghatana held a two day residential workshop on premarital Counselling for adolescent girls on the 23rd and 24th of April in the premises of the latter. In all 34 girls participated, all from the underprivileged strata of the society.

In the workshop the topics covered were: 1) Men-Women Equality – Madhavi Desai, senior counsellor Bandra family court . 2) Know your body – Daisy Gangurde, coordination Alert India. 3) Choosing the right partner – Neela Limaye, social activist. 4) Marital adjustment – Suvarna Bhujbal, another senior counsellor at Bandra family court. 

Vrushali Magdum, coordinator of Sanghatana said that such workshop will help the girls to come out of the confines of the four walls of their homes and enable then to hold dialogues on various issues with one another which they would be too embarrassed to discuss at homes with their parents.

Lalitha and Radhakrishnan chipped in with motivational talk and urged the girls not to consider themselves any less than boys in any respect. They also appreciated the wonderful oratorical skills of the girls ( in Marathi ) that would put many from the elite class to shame.

Daisy Gangurde, coordination Alert India, spoke of the various changes that take place on the human body during adolescence. She also stressed that women alone are not responsible for the birth of a female child. She also cleared the various myths associated with mensturation. 

Neela Limaye, social activist, spoke to the girls about the importance of choosing the right partner, giving great importance to character of the person. Marriage is an institution involving not just the partner but all the family members from both side. 

Madhavi Desai, senior counsellor Bandra family court, narrated various court cases and explained them stressing the importance of differentiating between understanding and adjustment. Marital harmony is very important, she said.

Suvarna Bhujbal, another senior counsellor at Bandra family court, explained to the girls the importance of marital adjustment in marriage and the importance of relationship between daughter in law-mother in law or, husband-wife. In fact marriage concerns not just two people but involves the entire family. 

The workshop concluded with an interactive session between the counsellors and the girls. Seema Kisve, Manisha Parle, Savitri Patil, all of Stree Mukthi Sanghatana contributed their might in organising the workshop.  Participation certificates were handed over to all the participants

We, from Shreeram Radhakrishnan Memorial Trust, are really happy for the financial help by way of sponsorship that we received from ED ( Lubes ) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited.

If you wish to make a donation please click here

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