EDUCATIONAL FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE : We have financially supported the education of close to 190 needy students the academic year ( 2017-2018). And our Trust is just Four Years old!!. We have every reason to be proud. Proud also of our Donors. The amount of assistance provided is close to 17 lakh rupees. The list of the students who have been provided financial assistance and their sponsors is available in the excel sheet attached below.

Requests for financial support to pursue studies continue to come in throughout the year. Donations are always welcome. As our website says – Giving is Life. When we donate to a worthy cause you become a part of the process of uplifting the world. However small it may be. Every drop counts.

On the 5th of August 2017 during the function held at Agri Koli Sanskriti Bhawan Auditorium we handed over financial assistance cheques to 202 needy students to help them to pursue their studies.
The smile and the happiness on the faces of the students and their parents said it all. These were the recipients of the 4th Educational Financial Assistance from our Trust. The students supported ranged from 1st std. to final year Engig.
The total financial assistance provided for this academic year on the 5th of August by our Trust to the needy is more than 17 lakhs.
The students who have been supported can be categorised into groups as follows:
a) A good percentage don’t have father. Some of the students are orphans.
b) In some cases the father has left the home or is a drunkard.
c) A good percentage of the fathers of the students are Bhigaris ( doing odd jobs on daily wages) and a good percentage of the mothers are Rag Pickers or work in the dumping ground.
d) Around 10% of students fathers work as Watchmen, Postmen, Drivers or people having not so good jobs.
Mr. Sriram Athriji was our Chief Guest and Prof. E V Girish was the Guest of Honour.
Our sincere thanks to our Donors.
Our thanks to Mallika Grover and Dhruv Jaidip for the photographs.

Children of New Panvel Shikshaangan
If you wish to help these underprivileged children please click here to make a donation

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