Rabale Shikshaangan-1

Rabale Shikshaangan-1: (Free Coaching Centre for the Needy Underprivileged Students): We run seven centres at present. There are two Shikshaangans in Rabale. In Rabale Shikshaangan-1 there are around 40 children and Rahaul Pawar is the instructor.

This Shikshaangan is sponsored by ApMoSys, a Software Company based in Mahape

Along with academics, emphasis is also placed on imparting to the children skills such as — Spoken English, Public speaking, Confidence building measures, etc. We celebrate different functions with the children – such as Independence Day, Diwali, New Year, Christmas, Shivaji Jayanthi, Birthdays of well-wishers etc. We also gift various necessary items to the children (shoes, story books, note books, schools bags, dresses, creative toys etc.)( Please click here for details on Shikshaangan events up to March 2022).

Children’s Day Celebration : Games, Prize distribution and evening Food stall marked the day’s Celebration

Children’s Day Celebration at Rabale 1, Nov. 2022 : Games and Competitions were held and gifts were distributed to the children.

Stationery Distribution July 2022

Ashadi Ekadashi Celebrations, July 2022

30th April 2022 : Visit to Rabale Shikshaangan by Trustees Radhakrishnan and Anil Kartha with Amazon representative, Mrs. Sandhya R.

Interaction during a visit in February 2022

Distributed Books and Creative Indoor Games to the students

COVID Pandemic : During the pandemic we provided rations to the families of our Shikshaangans and to some others. We also conducted campaigns to make the families aware of the need for hygiene and also distributed around 191 steam inhaler equipment to the families. Details are available by clicking the link.

COVID-19 Awareness Campaign: Made families aware of how COVID-19 spreads, Handwashing Procedure thru’ Demonstration and Distributed Soaps to the families. A total of 130 families were covered.

Educational Trip to Coastal & Biodiversity Park at Airoli : Visited the Park on the 12th Jan with 63 children of our Rabale Shikshaangan. Distributed Hoodies to the children also ( sponsored by Raghavan, Anil Kartha & Pandey). The Guide, Madhuri, did an excellent job of explaining the Biodiversity of the life forms existing in Thane Creek. We also had a wonderful lunch prepared by the mothers who accompanied us. Missed out the boat ride ( taking one all the way to Vikhroli and back) as it had to be booked in advance.

Children’s Day was celebrated with the children setting up food stalls and having a gala of time. Regular competitions ( Quiz, IQ rounds, Games, best attendance, etc.) are held at Rabale Shikshaangans and prizes distributed.

Mr. R. Srinivasan, a well-wisher, has been regularly interacting with the students of the Shikshaangan on a regular basis. Srinivasan has been teaching spoken English and enhancing the students knowledge of Geography .

On 13/10/2019 we celebrated Diwali with the children of our two Shikshaangans at Rabale. Played games, lit Diyas, had snacks, gifted T shirts/Skirts/Board games; distributed Primary class books ( Maths, English, drawing, etc totalling 120; notebooks, pouches, pencils and pens to selected students) distributed Sweets/namkeen to all… Had a wonderful time with the 80 students and 40 odd parents. Sreenivasan and his wife, Mrs Vrushali Magdum, Coordinator of Stree Mikti Sangathana andMiss Ratna ( from SMS) were also present.

On 13th May 2019, we took the children of the different Shikshaangans in two buses on an educational trip to Nehru Science Centre.
A fantastically educative trip indeed it was. The purpose of inculcating a spirit of scientific enquiry amongst the children was served. The simple experimental demonstration by Saurabh, Tushar and team was a great success in making the students ask questions and start thinking. The team also did a great job while explaining the film on our Solar System.
The children later saw a 3D film about life on our Earth. The Management of the Centre was very kind to waive off all the charges ( Entrance and Films) as the children were from the underprivileged section. All the participants were given experimental kits from the centre as gifts . Refreshments for all of us was sponsored by Vandana and Abhi
A full day visit to the Centre is a must for all school students.

Trip to Nehru Science Centre for all the students of Shikshaangans

We are happy to inform that Miss Bhagyshree, a student of our Shikshaangan at Rabale, successfully cleared the Scholarship Examination NMMS conducted by the Govt of Maharashtra, and will receive scholarship for the next four years.
Congratulations Bhagyshree. Our Trust felicitated Bhagyshree on her wonderful performance on the day of Shivaji Jayanti. The Trust was represented by Radhakrishnan and his wife Lalitha.
Mr. Sreenivasan and his wife were present. Our thanks to Rahul Sir for the efforts put in in training the children and conducting different programmes for the children of the Shikshaangan.

School bags were distributed to the 50 students of Rabale Shikshaangan on 2nd April 2019.. This donation was made possible by Mr. R K Pandey and Mr. Arora of Directorate General of Valuations, a Govt. body. This is under the Govt. initiative of ” Say No to Plastics”.
Mr. Sreenivasan( in Black shirt) is doing a great job with the Shikshaangan children by teaching them to read and speak English.

On the occasion of Shivaji Jayanti competitions in Chess and Spelling (English) were organised for the children around Rabale. The winners were given medals and certificates. The Trust was represented by Radhakrishnan and his wife Lalitha. Our thanks  to Rahul Pawar Sir for the initiative in organising the competition. Mr. Sreenivasan and his wife were also present on the occasion.

Christmas & New Year Celebration : on the 20th of Dec 2018.
The employees of Dheeraj Realty came down to Rabale and celebrated, in advance, Christmas & New Year with the 50 odd children of our Shikshaangan. The celebration was done in great style…dances by children, cake cutting, snacks and finally the wonderful gifts to the children from the friends from Dheeraj.

The teacher, Sheetal, had taught dances very well to the children and Rahul Sir did a great job in coordinating the activities.
From the Trust, we are really grateful to the friends from Dheeraj Realty who not only come to be with the children but also for supporting the operation of the Shikshaangan financially.

Trip to Marine and costal biodiversity Park, Airoli, Navi Mumbai on 21st November 2018: 48 children and 9 adults including our Instructor and a few parents made a trip to this beautiful Park. Various species of birds and fish are stuffed and kept with detailed information on each, with good presentations. Some games are also there for kids. They visited the coastal region of the park to see different species of birds…Flamingos, Kingfishers,etc., and went for a visit to the mangroves first. The boat ride could not be undertaken due to high tide. They all had lunch at the park and then returned home after visiting Balaji Temple on the way.

ANIKET Foundation, a newly formed NGO wanted to celebrate Children’s Day with the children of our Shikshaangan at Rabale. Mr. Sanjay Ambore, Sunita Ambore, their daughter Mansi, Mrs Agarwal, Paanki Agarwal and a number of their friends turned up for the celebration. The children had a great time… Dances, songs, speeches, snacks and finally the gifts ( bagpack, pencils, pens, notebooks, etc). Rahul Sir and Anil Manik were also present. Our thanks to ANIKET Foundation.

Diwali Celebration at the Shikshaangan at Rabale..2nd November  2018:

On 2nd Nov. we celebrated Diwali today at our Shikshaangan in Rabale. 51 children were given gifts and chocolates and later had snacks. Lamps were also lit to usher in Diwali ( a bit early as the children will be going on vacation).
The Instructor Mr. Rahul Pawar, Mr. Sreenivasan ( our coordinator for the Shikshaangan) and Mr. Anil Manik ( who has started teaching spoken English to the children) were present.

Independence Day2018

We celebrated Christmas and New Year with the children on the 20th Dec. 2017. A large number of employees from Dheeraj Realty came for the celebration with huge number of and wonderful gifts for the children. All the children were overwhelmed. After the games there was a short performance by the children. After the traditional cake cutting the children enjoyed the mouth watering cake and snacks. The large number of gifts that the staff had got were later distributed to the children.  We are really happy that the members of Dheeraj Realty have made it a point to donate every month to our Trust. We are really thankful to them.

Deepavali Celebration, 2017…Celebrated Deepavali in a special way with the children and gifts were given to all of them.

Children’s Day Celebration 2017… Lego sets were donated to the Shikshaangan and these Lego sets were sponsored by Nitin Khanapurkar. The sets are kept at the Shikshaangan and the children have a gala of a time making things from the Lego pieces. Celebrated Children’s Day by gifting the children of Shikshaangan Lego sets. Lego helps in developing… Motor skills, Cooperative play, persistence, creative thinking, patience, engineering skills, maths, etc.

Nerul Shikshaangan (run by Rotary Club of New Bombay Seaside) children enjoying an evening at the home of R. Radhakrishnan’s house (Trustee).

We, the privileged, don’t have to think twice before going around shopping to our heart’s content. Not so with the underprivileged. Many times they can’t even think of fulfilling their basic needs. For the children, especially the underprivileged ones, protection of their feet is most important as they have to trudge long distances. Unlike our children. 

Hence we decided to gift each of the children of the Balwadi at Rabale with a good pair of floaters ( individual size measurements were taken and order placed). We are thankful to Mrs. Vijaya Narashiman and Mrs. Raji Ramani for sponsoring the Gifts.

Diwali 2016: We handed over T-shirts, a packet of Sweets and a set of Crackers to each of the 28 student. The students of Lalitha handed collected lots of clothes to have them distributed to the Adivasis in the interior of Maharashtra through Rahul Sir. From the almost new clothes collected a saree each was handed over to the mothers of Balwadi students. Sponsors: T-Shirts by Anil Katha ( to celebrate his daughter Shruthi’s birthday); Crackers by Rajesh Grover; good second hand dresses by the students of Lalitha.

Shamathmika’s Birthday Celebration- 31st July 2016

Independence Day Celebration..2016… 

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