Widows, Single Parents and Orphans

SHREE KALYAN YOJNA : The name has been aptly chosen for the new initiative of the Trust. This is a new initiative to provide financial assistance to Widows, Single Parents and Orphans.

12th Feb 2023: The short Video Captures the Event of the Great Day. The Joy and Happiness pervaded the entire hall.

Short Video Capturing the Event of the Great Day

The function to hand over the cheques will be held on the 12th of February at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 5 pm onwards. The candidates have been selected after a thorough review. No financial assistance will be sufficient to tide over the loss of near and dear ones. However, a small amount of financial assistance will surely help in meeting the ends of the really needy. This new initiative of the Trust will be touching the lives of many. Making their lives a little more comfortable. Help them tide over certain immediate pressing issues. In short, make thier lives a little better. We will be starting with providing financial assistance of ₹ 12,000/- to each of the around 75 candidate. We will be continuing this endeavour as a yearly programme and we pray that large hearted people will come forward and donate generously to the help this section of the population.

Financial Assistance to Poor Widows, Single Mothers and Orphans

In case you wish to be a part of this wonderful activity, giving one unbounded and immeasurable happiness, you are welcome to make a donation towards this cause. Please make donations in multiple of rupees 12,000/- for this cause (Rupees 12,000/- per individual).

The above are but examples. They look forward to our support. There are more than hundreds of similar cases in Navi Mumbai. We have also received requests from Thane and Mumbai areas to extend similar assistance to the unfortunate ones there. The Trust is doing it’s best. You too can extend a helping hand by making a donation for the sake of these unfortunate ones.

Financial Assistance to Poor Widows, Single Mothers and Orphans : Having to wade through a life of poverty is a problem, but when it becomes compounded by the loss of the main earning member, the father, life is made almost an impossibility to the widow. To take care of the children, their schooling needs and to ensure that all the household chores are also taken care of can be a very difficult task for many to comprehend.

The problem is compounded by the fact that whatever job the mother, a widow, takes up has to match with the school timings of the children and this becomes a very limiting factor as far as getting or taking up a job is concerned. And if there is a small child in the house, then the problem is dramatically altered, making it almost impossible for the mother to go to work.

Then there are those unfortunate children who are orphans and who are taken care of by one relative or the other. This casts an additional load on the parents who have decided to raise these orphans. In order that the orphans are well taken care of, the new parents of these orphans who are also already struggling to meet two ends, will need to be provided additional financial support so that the orphans don’t suffer due to lack of funds.

This is a new project that our Trust has initiated. This was the result of our Trustees interaction with a number of such widows and single parents over the past few years. A large number of the students our Trust financially supports fall into this category. Their stories are heart rending and any person will want to do something to ameliorate their suffering. On a rough count, there are more than hundreds of such cases in Navi Mumbai alone.

We will not be able to provide support to all such ladies. However, we can reach out to as many as we can. And this calls for your support to this cause. We are sure that slowly, with the support from well meaning people, we all will be able to bring about a change in the lives of these unfortunate ones. To start with, we are planning to provide a support of ₹ 12,000/year to at least 80-90 such families. Depending on the support we get from well-wishers, we would like to expand our reach to include many more similar needy families.

The message has spread and we are getting requests from Thane and Mumbai regions to extend help to similar cases over there. We will do our Best.