TB Awareness

Remember – You are safe if others are safe.Not frightening you – Think, what if your driver has MDR TB and both of you are not aware of it!!!!! Please click on the link below for full information on our TB Awareness campaign from 2018 onwards….

A presentation, taken from CDC site, that explains very well the origin of TB, how it spreads, the types of TB, the control, the medicines to take, etc. All explained in almost in almost layman’s language. Knowledge of what causes TB, how it spreads and how we can prevent it’s spread is a necessity. https://www.cdc.gov/tb/

This campaign to spread the message of the menace of TB( Tuberculosis) is spearheaded jointly with D Y Patil Hospital, Nerul and in coordination with the Rotary Club of New Bombay Seaside. This Campaign has now been joined by Dr. Mukul Thorat from Samartha Clinic. The doctors make presentations on TB and answer all the queries. The campaign is conducted in schools and colleges and other institutions. The participants take a Pledge to spread the message of the menace of TB in the society. We have printed very informative booklets on TB in layman’s language in English , Hindi and Marathi. All the participants are handed over a copy of the booklet. The booklet copies can be downloaded from the links given below or from the images.

We are really indebted to D Y Patil Management and to Dr. Mukul Thorat of Samartha Clinic and Rotary Club of New Bombay Seaside for going out of the way to ensure the success of this campaign.

24th March is World TB Day. Each day, nearly 4500 people lose their lives to TB and close to 30,000 people fall ill. Here are some of the Posters drawn by the children of our Shikshaangan on World TB Day ( 2020). Our Trust continues with the Campaigns to create Awareness of the Menace of TB in the Society.

FDA Approves New Pill for Drug-Resistant TB : Pretomanid would be taken with two other pills to treat highly treatment-resistant tuberculosis

Copy of the article follows:

Our Campaigns :

2018 to June 2019 ; 2017 and earlier Campaigns ; TB Films & Articles ; Essay Competition

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TB is a giant killer. Lakhs of people die every year in India due to TB. India also has the largest number of TB patients. Also India has the maximum number of the more dangerous form of TB, MDR TB, in the world. Unless we take serious and immediate actions TB will be a Time Bomb. Shreeram Radhakrishnan was a victim of MDR TB Meningitis. Even though his TB was detected in time but being MDR TB Meningitis ( TB in the brain )his valiant fight for eighteen months, taking more than five to six drugs, two to three times, everyday and taking injections daily did not yield fruits. The disease consumed him finally and he breathed his last at a tender age of nineteen.

TB is an infectious disease and the treatment duration can vary from a minimum of six months to over two years. The medicines are very strong and have a number of side effects. Hence it is best if we can avoid getting TB. What one has to remember that is that we are safe only if others are safe and others are safe if I am safe. Safe from TB. That is, if others have TB there is chance we can catch it. In the same way if we have TB we can transmit it to others.

Hence what needs to be done is – a sustained campaign to create awareness in the society about the menace of TB and thereby reduce and control the incidence of TB. It is with this in mind that we set as one of the main objectives of the Trust set up in memory of Shreeram Radhakrishnan – to start a campaign to create awareness of the menace of TB in the society. With this in mind we have been carrying our Awareness Campaigns in Schools, Colleges & Institutions.

TB…why and how we can curb the menace….from the father of Shreeram

Participants taking the Pledge to Act as Ambassadors to Spread the Message of the Menace of TB ( Tuberculosis). Location : Nerul Gymkhana.
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