2023 – 2024, ACADEMIC YEAR

Educational Financial Assistance Awards for the Academic Year 2023-2024

The students who cannot afford to pay for their education can apply using the link below. The information provided should be truthful as otherwise the application will be rejected outright. Interviews of students and parents will be conducted before approving the financial assistance (Limited to students of Navi Mumbai, Mumbai and Thane )

The Link to the Educational Assistance Form for the Current Academic year ( 2023-2024) : https://forms.gle/97s5Kr7HyhjDSRGm7

CODE Number of Students : The students who have been supported earlier have each been allotted CODE Numbers. They can accessed from the files below. You may download the entire file or can view your CODE Number from the pdf file below. ( Code numbers of a number of students from Thane and Digha regions have not been uploaded — will be done shortly).

CODE Numbers of Students : You can scroll down and find your CODE Number ( not new students )