Rain Protection for Hutments

Rain Protection for Hutments : A total of 60 hutments were provided with tarpaulin for protection against rain in July 2022

Khandeswar Shikshaangan Area, July 2022 : A total of 21 hutments in this area have been provided with Tarpaulin covers for protection against rains.

CBD Belapur Shikshaangan Area, June-July 2022 : A total of 29 hutments and the Classroom in this area have been provided with Tarpaulin covers for protection against rains.

CBD Belapur & New Panvel Shikshaangans Areas, 2021

CBD Belapur

We Serve the Needy. Rains are fast approaching and they need protection

We feel their pain

Area in CBD Belapur : 40 children study at our CBD Shikshaangan. Shikshaangans are free coaching centres for the underprivileged children who are coached by our appointed instructors. There are around 70+ hutments in this area. 31 hutments were provided the much needed tarpaulin sheets to install on the roofs of their huts as a protection against monsoon.

30 hutments in New Panvel Shikshaangan area were also provided the much needed tarpaulin covers for protection against rains.

New Panvel Shsikshaangan Hutment Area


  1. Thanks a lot for updating achievements, progress and activities.
    I am very much proud to be part of this gigantic community and social service by ‘ Our Trust ‘ under your successful leadership.
    Millions of Kudos and greetings of Happiness to each one associated and it is honour to share joy with you all being a droplet of my might and contributions.
    Needless to mention mine and family continued support and stand with all of you.

2. Great indeed ! Thanks for supporting needy and most deserving marginal population in the community. God bless all involved in this task.

— Mr. Giridhar Nayak, EX – Syndicate Bank

  1. 🙏jai shreeram. Now, He has chosen to play the role of Sheshanaag to protect so many ( Krishnas) souls from the fury of rain God making you(and Lalloo) Vasudev🙏

2. Excellent, that’s the need of the hour especially for young school going ‘nanhi kalis’. Very proud of your team that enures there is no gap between thought and action. Our Shreeram’s way of life, perhaps🙏

— Mrs. Thangam Rajagopalan