Education: It is rightly said “Education is the KEY to unlock the golden door of freedom”.

Our Trust works to ensure that the unfortunate ones get education….helping them to stand on their own feet, by awarding them financial assistance to complete their studies. One of the main objective of the Trust is to provide financial assistance to the needy underprivileged students to enable them to pursue and complete their studies. Having a basic qualification should help these students to stand on their own legs. When the financial situation is bleak or when one has to sacrifice a good part of one’s time earning to enable one to pay the fees, academics may be the first to be sacrificed. To ensure that funds are not the reasons for a student to drop out of his academic pursuit, our Trust steps in with financial help to help the needy students. Our Trust offers you the opportunity to be a part of this building process by contributing your might as you deem it.

In the field of education we

  1. provide educational financial assistance to needy students complete their studies. …A short film on the 5th Annual Educational Financial Assistance Award Function which will give you a glimpse of the handing over of awards.
  2. run six Shikshaangans ( free coaching centres for the underprivileged students).
  3. just started working with Anganwadis at Vasheni village.
  4. have started a Science & Technology Club in a Municipal School in Nerul.
  5. carry out Computer Literacy Drive in two Municipal Schools and in a Zilla Parishad School.
  6. recognize a number of Meritorious students every year.
  7. have started Free Vocational & Skill development courses —Computers, Tailoring, Auto driving & Mehendi. Planning to start Beautician Course.
  8. have upgraded the facilities at two Rural schools in Vasheni Village.

Going through the majority of requests for financial assistance and the family details would make all of us almost cry. We know that many may not consider it appropriate to make the observation that follows. We thought that we should. It will serve as a reminder to us that we have a duty towards the society. Duty to help these underprivileged.

We, the privileged, cry and complain. We don’t mind spending a few thousand rupees for a dinner or a party and this is sometimes more than the monthly income of some of the families of the students we support. In spite of all the financial constraints there is a will in them to want to study. To want to be something in life. Hopelessness is not their view or condition. But one can surely say that these students are facing a great handicap . Handicap – due to their growing up in conditions we can hardly imagine, due to the lack of guidance in their crucial ages of growth and also their continuous struggle to meet ends and with all these, study also and that too in homes where the quiet atmosphere, that we are used to, may be a luxury. In spite of all these handicaps it is heartening to note that there is determination in most of them to make something of their lives. To become someone. To grow so their next generation doesn’t have to see and stay in the conditions in which they are growing up. An excellent sign.

They always have to struggle to meet ends. If someone comes along and provides some sort of succor, in any form, they will be grateful all through their lives. This healing balm can come in the form of financial assistance to help them to tide over the problem of paying their yearly fees. Our Trust is doing precisely that. Obviously we cannot meet the complete requirement. We are trying our best. In the process we can only, at present, pay a part of their fees requirement.

Some of the students homes we visited for confirming the financial status of the applicants

For the last eight years we have reached out to a large number of students — students who otherwise may have dropped out of schools and colleges, and provided them financial assistance to pursue their studies. Our assistance has made a difference based on the feed backs from the parents and the students.

In the first year we financially supported 25 student’s education and this kept increasing year after year and has reached 251 students this academic year( 2019-2020). In the academic year it may touch 275+.

The students supported range from the 1st standard to the final year Engineering. Details of the students and financial support during the past years can be accessed in the link…… Educational Financial Assistance Awards.

Interview of students in progress

Students from our New Panvel Shikshaangan ( Centre for evening classes)
Your donation can surely give them a good future. If wish to donate please click here.
Be a part of our journey to help them.

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