Upcoming Events

  1. Educational Financial Assistance to Needy Underprivileged Students : For the academic year ( 2020 – 2021 ) the Trust will need to financially support the education of more than 250 students financially. The Trust will be grateful for any financial help that you may give. Rest assured that the gratitude of the children and the blessings of the parents will always be there upon you.
  2. Online All India Science & Technology Competition — https://shreeramradhakrishnanmemorialtrust.com/science-tech-competition/
  3. English Speaking Competition for the students going to non-English medium schools: In order to encourage the children going to non- English speaking schools, an innovative reading competition with prizes is being held for these children. The details follows: https://shreeramradhakrishnanmemorialtrust.com/general-events/

4) Online classes being the order of the day, we have provided 35 Samsung Tablets to the students, especially our Shikshaangans students( free coaching centres for the underprivileged). Each tablet will be shared by around 3 students each. This is an ongoing activity.

Wish to Donate for the wonderful noble cause?

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