Upcoming/Ongoing Events

KHOJ 4 : Online All India Science & Technology Competition. (Last date for Project Submission – 30th April 2022). Open to KHOJ 4 — Online All India Science & Technology Competitionstudents from the 5th up to 10th std. No Participation Fees. This Competition is sponsored by ApMoSys. Please click on the link to get the details of the project.

  1. Financial Assistance to Needy Underprivileged Students : For the academic year ( 2021 – 2022 ) the Trust will need to financially support the education of close to 300 students. We have already provided financial assistance to close to two hundred students amounting to around 20 lakhs rupees ( ₹ 2 million ). Around one hundred more applications are pending and in process. The Trust will be grateful for any financial help that you may provide. Rest assured that the gratitude of their children and the blessings of the parents will always be there upon you.
  2. Vocational Courses: We have started free vocational courses open to all needy ladies & students to equip them with additional Skills which should provide them with opportunities to make a living with the new skills. The computer course will enable the underprivileged students to become conversant with computers and not be left behind the not so less privileged ones.

a) Tailoring Course : This is open to all interested needy ladies. It is fully free including material needed for the course. The course started in August 2021. 71 ladies have completed the Tailoring Course and a new batch of 30 ladies started the Course and will complete in the next three months. These courses will be run on a continuous basis and is being conducted free of cost for the needy. Interested ladies.

b) Computer Course : This is open to all needy students and completely free . The course started in August 2021.

92 students have already completed the Course and the next batch of 30 students have enrolled in the Course.

c) Auto Driving Course : A number of underprivileged ladies have registered for the course which will again be a free one. 16 needy ladies are at present taking the Auto driving lessons..

d) Coding Classes for the Underprivileged : Plans in progress.

e) Beautician Course for the Underprivileged : Course started in Rabale in April 2022.

f) Upgrading of two schools in Vasheni Village : Project completed.

Wish to Donate for the wonderful noble cause?

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