Shikhshaangans (Free Coaching Centres for the Needy Underprivileged Students):We run four such centres at present. One in Thane, two in Rabale and the fourth one in New Panvel. The second one in Rabale was recently opened( on the 12th of August 2019). There are around 40 students in Thane Shikshaangan, close to 75 students in the two Rabale Shikshaangans and 25 students in New Panvel Shikshaangan.

We will soon be starting  our fifth Shikshaangan.

The students who attend are right from the 1st standard to the 8th standard. From the 9th standard onwards, or earlier, we help them to attend private coaching classes to get better focused coaching.

During non-school hours the underprivileged children are coached by appointed instructors.  In these Shikhshaangans along with covering the school syllabus, emphasis is also placed on imparting to the children skills such as — Spoken English, Public speaking, Confidence building measures, etc. We celebrate different functions with the children – such as Independence Day, Diwali, New Year, Christmas, Shivaji Jayanthi, Birthdays of well-wishers etc. We also gift various necessary items to the children (shoes, story books, note books, schools bags, dresses, etc.).

The idea is to help the children to build up a strong base so that they are able to well when they reach higher classes. The children from these Shikshaangans will supported by our Trust, to the extent possible, financially till they graduate. 

Link to our Shikshaangans at —- Thane , Rabale, Rabale(2) & New Panvel 

Activities of our Shikshaangans are also covered in our facebook:

On the 13th of May, we took the children of the different Shikshaangans in two buses on an educational trip to Nehru Science Centre. A fantastically educative trip indeed it was. The purpose of inculcating a spirit of scientific enquiry amongst the children was served.
The simple experimental demonstration by Saurabh, Tushar and team was a great success in making the students ask questions and start thinking. The team also did a great job while explaining the film on our Solar System. The children later saw a 3D film about life on our Earth.
A full day visit to the Centre is a must for all school students.  The Management of the Centre was very kind to waive off all the charges ( Entrance and Films) as the children were from the underprivileged section.
All the participants were given experimental kits from the centre as gifts . Refreshments for all of us was sponsored by Vandana and Abhi.

Wish to help these children? Your donation will make a difference. Click here please.
Wish to help these children? Your donation will make a difference. Please click here.