Essay Competition: Our Innovative Essay Competition was open to the students of Navi Mumbai ( 8th to 12th standard).

In order to spread the message of the menace of TB amongst the students our Trust had conducted an Essay ( Report) Writing Competition on the subject – ‘ Campaign Against TB Menace in the Society’ for the students of Navi Mumbai and the Essays(Reports) could be submitted in Marathi or English. The students were given a few months to prepare and submit a detailed report covering various aspects of TB, including interviewing doctors and patients.

The prize money originally announced were reduced due to less number of entries and on the advise of the doctors who evaluated the essays.

Prize Winners : Cash prizes and Meritorious Certificates were handed over to the Winners ( 1st, 2nd, & 3rd prizes and six Consolation Prizes) and Participation Certificates were handed over to the others who couldn’t get prizes. In all 48 students participated.

The first prize went to the team of three girls…girls from NMMC Secondary School, Shiravne….Sanjana Santosh Pawar, Shivani Maruti Patil & Sapna Ankush Bhalero….

The second prize went to the team from Father Agnel School…Anushka Shinde, Sejal Zode and Rhea Jison.

There were two 3rd prizes….The joint winners were…

Simone Joshi a student from Apeejay School, Nerul ; and the team from Father Agnel School (Rohit Sutar, Hrishabh Kolte, and Danshil Zatakia).

Consolation Prizes1st Consolation Prize…. Deeya Suresh Upadhyay …a student from Smt. Radhikabai Meghe Vidyalay ;  2nd Consolation Prize Shambhavi Shriniwas.. a student from Apeejay School, Nerul ; 3rd Consolation Prize Anusha Badrinath .. a student from Apeejay School, Nerul ; 4th Consolation Prize…the team of…Devayani Vijay ; Saumya Pai ; Rishika Kathuria …. from Apeejay School, Nerul ; 5th Consolation Prize Kritika Rani …. a student from Apeejay School,Nerul ; And the 6th Consolation Prize … Manasvi Parab … a student from Apeejay School, Kharghar

2017….Brief details of the Innovative Idea to spread the message of the menace of TB. ( photographs of the students receiving the prizes are available...please click here)

Essay Competition: Open to the students of Navi Mumbai ( 8th to 12th standard). Last date for submission -15th Sept. 2017….this was later extended on students demand.

What would be the best way to curb the spread of deadly TB? Educating the people on how to deal with TB would be the answer. And the best people to educate would be the students studying in the senior classes. We are sure you will agree that if students are made aware of the menace of TB and the need to control it we will be able to take the campaign against the menace of TB to higher levels. These students can spread the message around – to their family members, to the people who they come contact in contact with and actually act as ambassadors of the campaign against TB, if properly motivated. The students are also the future citizens of the country.

Our Trust has been carrying out TB Awareness Campaign by conducting presentations and interactive sessions with students and other sections of the society for the past few years. This campaign is being conducted jointly with D Y Patil Hospital.

To take the campaign to a higher level our Trust in association with D Y Patil School of Medicine and NMMC, and supported by the Rotary Club of New Bombay Seaside will be conducting an essay competition on TB for the students of all the schools of Navi Mumbai.

The essay will be titled ‘Campaign against TB Menace in the Society ‘ and will be open to students from the 8th to the 12th standards and the medium will be English and Marathi. The students will prepare the essays at home ( two months time) and the essays will cover a minimum of – basic literature survey, interview with doctors , patients ( including TB patients who have recovered) and relatives of patients, providing suggestions and recommendations, posters, etc. After short listing, these candidates will make a presentation in front of doctors and the winners will be selected.

There are a number of cash prizes to be won – 1st prize will be Rs. 10,000/- ; 2nd prize – Rs 7,500/- ; 3rd prize – Rs 5,000/- and a number of consolation prizes of Rs. 1,000/- . Each winner will also get a merit certificate and all participants will also be given participation certificates.

The Rules and Regulations of the Competition are put up on the website. Letters requesting students participation has been sent to all the schools in Navi Mumbai.

We are confident that this campaign will have a big impact in the fight against TB. 

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