COVID-19 Campaigns

Sanitizer Dispenser Distributed to two NMMC Schools

Masks Distribution at Shikshaangans

Distribution of Steam Inhalers:  Covid 19 has to be fought at different levels. The Govt is enforcing social distancing and wearing of mask in public places. The way the virus has  spread and continues to spread has kept everyone on his/her toes. Steam has been used for centuries as a means of treatment for Influenza virus or common flu. Various studies have shown that toes steam inhalation will go a long way in arresting the spread of Covid. Recently there was an article in Indian Medical Gazette wherein the use of steam inhalation showed the efficacy of steam in tackling Covid. The study concluded that steam can be permitted as an adjunct to social distancing, sanitizers and masks and PPE for an effective treatment for precaution as well as cure for covid-19 infection.

Keeping the above in mind, our Trust distributed steam inhalers to 183 underprivileged families ( in New Panvel, CBD Belapur, Rabale, Digha and Thane). A 5lt sanitizer can with dispenser was handed over to the Thane Shikshaangan class for use.

During the pandemic, our Trust has been able to help the unfortunate ones – first by providing handwash soap, then rations which was followed by Tablets for online learning and now steam inhalers.

1st May 2020: We are happy that the recently formed ‘Direct Fruits & Vegetable Supply Group’ consisting of farmers and residents led by Smt. Kranti Choudhari-More, Agriculture Officer, Uran, Dist-Raigad, Maharashtra, thought it fit to donate a part of their savings made thru’ their sales during Covid pandemic to our Trust for helping the poor — used the funds for the project mentioned below.

25th May 2020 : We are thankful to Narasimhan, Anjali Singh, Gaurav Nair, Nataraj, Sivabalan & Francisca for  sponsoring the essential items.

22nd May 2020: We are thankful to L. Keshav, Alpana Pandey, Dr. Nagpal & N R Kodandaraman for the sponsoring the essential items.

23rd April: We are thankful to Raman Subramanian & Srinivasan for sponsoring the distribution items..

24th April: We are thankful to Anand Iyer, Mrs. Agarwal & Dr. Vandana Gadre for sponsoring the items distributed.

6th April 2020:The Project is sponsored by Rajesh Grover and Lalitha.

12th April, CBD Belapur: Our thanks to Anil Deshmukh.

11th April 2020: Our thanks to Mrs. Alamelu Ramaswamy, Ramachandran, Prasad, Mrs. Binaca Verma & Deepak Balan.

2nd May 2020 Onwards : Our thanks to Shivaramakrishnan & family.

3rd May 2020 : Our thanks to Akhil Abbas Plumber, Mrs. Shobha Pannicker & Pranay B. for the project.

6th April 2020: The Project was sponsored by Rajesh Grover and Lalitha.

22nd April 2020: We are thankful to Raghavan, Mrs. Rajeswary B & Anand Ramani for sponsoring the distribution

Shreeram Radhakrishnan Memorial Trust: On 18/03/20 conducted Handwashing Awareness Campaign with demonstration at Thane, New Panvel , Rabale and Nerul as a part of our Trust’s contribution to the fight against COVID-19. 130 families were covered. 8 soap bars were handed over to each family. They were also informed of how COVID-19 spreads and the various precautions to be taken. Handwashing steps pamphlet were also distributed. The project was sponsored by Col Ravi Joshi.