COVID-19 Campaigns

1st May 2020: We are happy that the recently formed ‘Direct Fruits & Vegetable Supply Group’ consisting of farmers and residents led by Smt. Kranti Choudhari-More, Agriculture Officer, Uran, Dist-Raigad, Maharashtra, thought it fit to donate a part of their savings made thru’ their sales during Covid pandemic to our Trust for helping the poor — used the funds for the project mentioned below.

25th May 2020 : We are thankful to Narasimhan, Anjali Singh, Gaurav Nair, Nataraj, Sivabalan & Francisca for  sponsoring the essential items.

22nd May 2020: We are thankful to L. Keshav, Alpana Pandey, Dr. Nagpal & N R Kodandaraman for the sponsoring the essential items.

23rd April: We are thankful to Raman Subramanian & Srinivasan for sponsoring the distribution items..

24th April: We are thankful to Anand Iyer, Mrs. Agarwal & Dr. Vandana Gadre for sponsoring the items distributed.

6th April 2020:The Project is sponsored by Rajesh Grover and Lalitha.

12th April, CBD Belapur: Our thanks to Anil Deshmukh.

11th April 2020: Our thanks to Mrs. Alamelu Ramaswamy, Ramachandran, Prasad, Mrs. Binaca Verma & Deepak Balan.

2nd May 2020 Onwards : Our thanks to Shivaramakrishnan & family.

3rd May 2020 : Our thanks to Akhil Abbas Plumber, Mrs. Shobha Pannicker & Pranay B. for the project.

6th April 2020: The Project was sponsored by Rajesh Grover and Lalitha.

22nd April 2020: We are thankful to Raghavan, Mrs. Rajeswary B & Anand Ramani for sponsoring the distribution

Shreeram Radhakrishnan Memorial Trust: On 18/03/20 conducted Handwashing Awareness Campaign with demonstration at Thane, New Panvel , Rabale and Nerul as a part of our Trust’s contribution to the fight against COVID-19. 130 families were covered. 8 soap bars were handed over to each family. They were also informed of how COVID-19 spreads and the various precautions to be taken. Handwashing steps pamphlet were also distributed. The project was sponsored by Col Ravi Joshi.