Online Learning : Tablets Distribution

On the request of the Principal of Shiravane Vidyalaya, NMMC School, Nerul, we distributed Samsung 10.1″ Tablets to five 10th standard students. The students had a handicap wrt online learning due to not having proper online learning facility. Protective cases was also provided along with the Tablets. The Principal will form teams so that each Tablet is shared by three students staying close to each other.

Online Learning Facilitation at Shikshaangans (free coaching centre run by the Trust): In order to keep pace with the changing environment and ensure that the students of our Centre are not left behind, we have initiated the process of equipping the students with Tablets to help them with online learning. We distributed Tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab A (10.1″, 32 GB), along with cases and funds to buy wifi router.

The students have been split into groups so that the students of a group can share one tablet and thereby increase the reach of online learning programme.

Rabale Shikshaangan: We distributed 8 Tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab A (10.1″, 32 GB) & a Smart Phone, along with cases and funds to buy wifi router. We are thankful to the following for their support: Nitin Khanapurkar( 4 units); Srinivas Rao (2 units); Narasimhan(Babu, 2 units); Dharshan ( 1 Smart phone)