KHOJ 3 — Online All India Science & Technology Competition

KHOJ 4 will follow the pattern similar to KHOJ 3 with minor changes.

KHOJ 3 : Details of the Competition: We are happy to inform you about our continuous initiative and commitment to promote and inculcate the spirit of scientific quest amongst the younger generation. We are embarking on our 3rd edition of KHOJ. The pandemic has resulted in our taking a new course by holding our Science & Technology Projects Competition Online and throwing it open to school students all across India. A challenge to the students and also to the organizers.

As in the previous years we will have Two Categories—Juniors & Seniors and the competition will be limited to students up to 10th std. We will award Cash Prizes & Certificates to the winners and participation certificates to all the participants. Also, there is no entry fee.

We request parents to encourage their children to participate in the competition. It is a platform where your children can showcase their talents, creativity and ideas. The details of the competition along with the rules and regulations are available in our

Please find hereunder the details of the Online All India Science & Technology Competition and the the Link to the Google Form that the participating students should complete.

The Link of the Google form that needs to be completed by the participating students is given below.

Details of the Competition