Vision & Mission

Vision :

1) To enable and sustain the dreams of needy aspiring young minds by providing financial help to pursue their education and opening coaching centres (Shikshaangans) for them. 

2) To spread awareness of the menace of TB in India and how to prevent it’s spread.



1) Provide educational financial assistance to the determined less fortunate and enable them to further pursue their education.

2) Set up Shikshaangans (Coaching Centres) for Municipal school students where they will be provided academic coaching and opportunities for their all-round development (through personal interaction, counseling, confidence building measures, making them feel that people care by – celebrating various functions with them, providing them the necessary educational aids and other necessary requirements) .

3) To start Science & Technology Clubs to inculcate the spirit of scientific enquiry.

4) Computer Literacy Drive for the Municipal school students.

5) Adoption of a Village …. with a view to adopt Village Anganwadis, local school, setting up a library, etc.

6) Conduct socially relevant campaigns like Drug abuse, workshop for adolescent girls, etc.


1) Conduct sustained campaigns through the use of Pamphlets, Videos, Street Plays, Competitions, Seminars and through social media to spread the message as well as to urge and motivate people to fight against menace of the spread of Tuberculosis.

2) Provide medical assistance on case to case basis to the deserving patients.

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