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EDUCATIONAL FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE. Report for the academic year 2016-2017: The 3rd Educational Financial Assistance Function for the Needy Students  to the Needy was held on the  24th of July 2016 at D Y Patil Medical College Auditorium. Mr Yogendra Yadav from NASEOH was the Chief Guest and Mr. Pritish Nair was the Guest of Honour.

We were able to Financially Support the Education of one hundred twenty five needy Students. The mode of making a donation is mentioned under ‘Donation’ in the Main Menu. All the donors have been informed of the students supported with their help and have been requested to call up the students to counsel and motivate them. funds. 

( Don’t miss watching the Video-The Speaker is Mr. Pratish Nair, a Trainer/Coach/facilitator ( He was the guest speaker during the function and he kept the audience captivated. And also roaring with laughter. We thank our friend Shekhar Lad for catching  the performance on his mobile). 

The smile and the happiness on the faces of the underprivileged children and their parents says it all…..The 3rd Educational Financial Assistance Award Function of the Trust.

The students supported ranged from KG to final year Engineering. 

The total amount of educational financial assistance provided this year till was around 11 (eleven) lakhs.

Remember… It could have been possible that we, the privileged ones, were born in the places of the  underprivileged ones. But we were lucky… So let us not forget this important factor…… It is fate that has separated the privileged from the underprivileged. Let us share at least a small part of our earnings towards the welfare of the underprivileged.

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It would gladden hearts to know that ….There is a boy in the final year Engineering whom we support. The boy delivers milk daily to houses and even on the days of exams. There is also a boy who works night shift to support his family. There is another boy whose father has forsaken family. This boy used to lift loads in the market to support the family. This boy after diploma in engineering is working in Jindal Drilling.

The financial assistance provided for school students ranges from Rs. 4000/- for 1std. students to  Rs.8000/- for 10th std. students. For College students it is Rs. 10,000/- for XI & XII std., Rs.15,000/- for students doing their graduation, and the minimum of 60% of college fees or Rs.50,000/- for Engineering students. 

We are really thankful to ITD Cementation for their continued financial support in ensuring the success of our main project-Educational Financial Assistance to the Needy. 

We are also really thankful to the Management of D Y Patil Group for providing us all the assistance to hold the above event in their wonderful Medical College Auditorium free of cost.

Report for the academic year 2015-2016: The 2nd Educational Financial Assistance Function for the Needy Students to the Needy was held on the 2nd of August 2016 at D Y Patil Medical College Auditorium.During this academic year we provided financial support 82 needy students. This was the 2nd year of our Trust. All the donors have been informed of the students supported with their help and have been requested to call up the students to counsel and motivate them. funds.

Sriram Athri, the renowned speaker, Mumbai in-charge of Prasanna Trust, headed by Swami Sukhabodhananda, regaled the audience with his witty, captivating and motivational speech. Mr. Anupam Tripathi, DGM SBI graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Mr. Anupam Tripathi gave a good speech extolling the students to have a great vision and make utmost use of the help provided by the Trust.

This year at the start of the session we had received more than ninety applications for financial assistance from the needy. Going through the majority of requests and the family details would make all of us almost cry. We, the privileged, cry and complain. We don’t mind spending a few thousand rupees for a dinner or a party and this is sometimes more than some families monthly income. In spite of all this there is a will in them to want to study. To want to be something in life. Hopeless is not their view or condition. But one can surely say a great handicap these students are facing. Handicap – due to their growing up in conditions we can hardly imagine, due to the lack of guidance in their crucial ges of growth and also their continuous struggle to meet ends and with all these study also and that too in homes where quite atmosphere may be a luxury. In spite of all these handicaps it is heartening to note that there is determination in most of them to make something of their lives. To become someone. To grow so that their next generation doesn’t have to see and stay in the conditions in which they are growing up. An excellent sign.

They always have to struggle to meet ends. If someone comes along and provides some sort of succor, in any form, believe me, they will be grateful all through their lives. This healing balm can come in the form of financial assistance to help them to tide over the problem of paying their yearly fees. Our Trust is doing precisely that. Obviously we cannot meet the complete requirement. We are trying our best. In the process we can only, at present, pay part of their fees requirement. For the eighty students whom we have provided financial assistance this year till now, the total amount is more than six lakhs. And we continue to get more requests for assistance.

Donations are always welcome. As our website says – Giving if Life. When we donate to a worthy cause you become a part of the process of uplifting the world. However small it may be. Every drop counts. 

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2014-2015 Academic Year : Our 1st year of providing financial assistance to needy students was held at D Y Patil Hospital Auditorium on the 6th of July 2014. Within 6 months of the formation of our Trust was able to provide financial support for the education of 25 needy students. A great achievement indeed.

Mr. Rakesh Joshi, the Principal of Apeejay School, Nerul, was our Chief Guest for the Function. He gave a wonderful motivational talk, spoke about the qualities Shreeram stood for and the need for all students to follow the same.

Prof. E.V. Swaminathan, our Guest of Honour, the much sought after speaker, a member of Brahmakumaris, was at his usual best…his wit and humour while conveying the message had the audience laughing all through.

Prior to the wonderful speeches by these two gentlemen the youngsters entertained us with songs and dances. Overall it was a wonderful evening. A truly wonderful evening where after a short span of seven months after the Trust was established we were able to bring about a change in the lives of 25 children. The Smiles on their faces and on their guardians summed it all. 

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