Panvel Shikshaangan : We are happy that our Trust has started in New Panvel our third Shikshaangan. This Shikshaangan is being run along with the help of Stree Mukti Sangatana. Radhakrishnan & Lalitha from the Trust, Mrs. Mrudula Thakur, a well-wisher, & Mrs. Vrushali Magdum and Najukta from Stree Mukti Sangatana, were present for the inauguration of the Shikshaangan. Approximately 25 children from different standards will be part of the Shikshaangan. Pencil boxes, Colouring material and drawing books were distributed to the students.

During the regular visit on 25/09/19 to the New Panvel Shikshaangan, the children handed over a beautiful Diwali Greeting Card they had prepared to the Trust. Please have a look to appreciate the beauty of the card

Some photos of the Inauguration.

2019 : There are 20 students at New Panvel Shikshaangan now. The instructor is Mr. Shirish Gejage. A temporary place has been rented in Bhim Nagar, sector 3, for the classes.

School Bags and Clothes Distribution

Drawing session for the children.

A belated New Year was celebrated with the children of  New Panvel Shikshaangan in the month of February. Gifts from the Staff of Dheeraj Realty ( a number of Board games.. Like Speller, Pictureka, etc) and toys, building blocks and dresses from Lalitha’s students were distributed to the children. The Trust was represented by Radhakrishnan.  

Diwali Celebration…3rd November 2018: Diwali Celebration was celebrated at New Panvel Shikshaangan ( Bhim Nagar) 3rd Nov.. Pratik and Sneha (Sneha is Shreeram’s cousin) took the lead and made the day a grand one for the children. The Instructor Mr. Sirish was there for the celebration. The children gave wonderful performances ( dances, Plays and speeches), lit the traditional Diwali lamps and enjoyed the sparklers. Then the children were given snack boxes. Pratik and Sneha went to the 25 houses of the village (of the children ) and handed over Diwali sweet boxes to them.

Your donation can surely give them a good future. If wish to donate please click here.
Your donation can surely give them a good future. If wish to donate please click here.

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