Thane Shikshaangan started functioning from the 18th of February 2015. The number of students has crossed 70 at Thane Shikshaangan and this Centre was started in Feb. 2015. Two rooms have been rented for the classes. Mr. Amol Jadhav is the senior instructor and Mrs. Yogita Rahul Jadhav the instructor for the junior classes (5th and below). All the children are very enthusiastic to attend the classes. The children are also provided the necessary requirements to help them in their studies. Every effort is being made for the children to build their personalities and their speaking skills. Prof. Rajeshwary Balachandran and family support the Junior section of the Shikshaangan at Thane.

Bridging The Digital Divide : As a part of our campaign to bridge the digital divide we have installed a Smart TV along with a Laptop at the Shikshaangan. Our thanks to Amazon to make it happen.

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Independence Day Celebrations at Thane Shikshaangans, 2022 : The students of Thane Shikshaangan took out processions holding the National Flag and singing patriotic songs

Stationery Distribution July 2022

Guru Poornima Competitions July 2022

Ashadi Ekadashi July 2022

16 Cycles were distributed to the students of Thane Shikshaangan by Samaritans of Jupiter CHS, Evershine Millennium Paradise ( Thakur Village. Kandivali East 400101). Our thanks to the samaritans who took the trouble of transporting the cycles all the way to Thane — Ananthanarayan T.D. , Victor Irdhyaraj & Dharmendra Pratap Pal

Other Activities:

COVID-19 Awareness Campaign: Made families aware of how COVID-19 spreads, Hand-washing Procedure thru’ Demonstration and Distributing Soaps to the families. A total of 130 families were covered.

24th March is World TB Day. Each day, nearly 4500 people lose their lives to TB and close to 30,000 people fall ill. Here are some of the Posters drawn by the children of our Thane Shikshaangan.

The Students of Thane Shikshaangan were taken on an Educational Trip to the Butterfly Park ( Ovala village ,Thane) on the 2nd of February. Mrs. Vidya Ganesh and her husband, Vinod, coordinated all the trip activities. Amol Jadhav (Instructor ), K.R. Ganesh, Mr & Mrs. Rishabh Jain, & Mr. & Mrs. Bhavin Savla also accompanied the 33 students along with a few parents to the park.
Rishab & Bhavin sponsored the cost of the bus, entry fees and some snacks. Vidya made the trip more homely by bringing along homemade delicacies.
The children had a wonderful time. The park owner took all on a guided tour– explaining about the different species of butterflies, their development and about the different species of plants that make the butterflies environment. It was a treat to see the State Butterfly, the majestic Blue Mormon.
A wonderful place for all nature lovers.

Thane; 20th October 2019 ; Diwali Celebrations at the Shikshaangan.

Celebrated Diwali with the 37 children of our Thane Shikshaangan. Sweets and Namkeen takeaways, sumptuous snacks and chocolates were sponsored by Vidya’s friends (Bhavin Savla, Jayashree Iyer). A number of toys and board games were given to the children, which were given by Vidya and Lalitha’s students. Each student was also given a drawing book and colouring pencils. Vidya donated a Carrom board also. Books to read & workbooks were given to the Instructor, Amol for later distribution to the students.
Dresses received from Ratna Charitable Trust were handed over to the children. T shirt and saris were gifted by Vidya for the teacher and the coordinator.

Rakshabandan Celebration, 2019

2nd April 2019: School bags were distributed to the 32 students of the Shikshaangan.
This donation of bags was made possible by Mr. R K Pandey of Directorate General of Valuations, a Govt. body. This is under the Govt. initiative of ” Say No to Plastics”.
During the event books ( Moral stories, related to GK, Science, Story of Leaders, etc) were also given for the children to share and read during the coming holidays.

A belated New Year was celebrated with the children of  Thane Shikshaangan in the month of February. Gifts from the Staff of Dheeraj Realty ( a number of Board games.. Like Speller, Pictureka, etc) and toys, building blocks and dresses from Lalitha’s students were distributed to the children. The Trust was represented by Radhakrishnan and Ganesh. Vidya, Ganesh’s daughter, was also present for the occasion. Story books to Thane Centre were given by Priti Bhosale, friend of Vidya Ganesh.

Diwali Celebration …4th November 2018 :

Diwali festival was celebrated at Thane Shikshaangan and the entire event was organized by Mr. Ganesh, our Trustee. Ganesh arranged the snacks for the children. Vidya and Vinod ( daughter and son-in-law of Ganesh) arranged a Sari for rep. from NGO ( from Stree Mukti Sangatana) and Shirt and pant piece for the Instructor of our Shikshaangan. Our friend Karnik arranged Sweet boxes for the Children and also donated a pedestal fan for the class. The children gave a number of performances… Dances, plays, songs and speeches. The evening was great as can be seen from the smiles on faces of all present.

New Year 2018

Diwali 2017

21st Birthday Celebration of Al-Saud Rawal at Thane Shikshaangan

Diwali Celebrations…2016

Diwali at Thane Shikshaangan

The children of our Shikshaangans at Thane and Rabale treated to sumptuous meals in memory of late Mrs. Seethalakshmi Viswanathan and Late Mr. Sharma. God Bless the Departed Souls.

Birthday celebration of Ayush, grandson of Mrs. Rajeswary Balachandran

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